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1639 Jean Racine was born in La Ferte-Milon, a small town near Soissons.

1649 Racine began study at Port-Royal he continued there until 1653

1658 At the age of 19, Racine entered the College de Harcourtin in Paris and became friends with Moliere, the fabulist La Fontaine, and the poet-critic Boileau.

1660 His first play, Amasie, was written but later lost

1664 his tragedy The Thebans, or The Enemy Brothers was performed by Moliere`s company

1665 Racine`s next tragedy, Alexander the Great, was performed by the rival company at the Hotel de Bourgogne, which alienated him from Moliere

1667 Andromaque

1668 Les Plaideurs

1670 Berenice

1672 Bajazed

1673 Mithridate

1677 Phaedra, his last play for the professional theatre.

1677 he decided to retire from the commercial theatre, and accept the post of royal historiographer.

1679 he was accused of having poisoned his mistress and star actress, the Marquise du Parc. Fortunately for Racine, no formal charges were ever filed.

1689 Esther (One of two play`s Racine was asked to write for Madame de Maintenon, Louis XIV`s consort) tells the story of Haman and the Jewish queen who risks her own life to save her people from certain destruction.

1690 Athalie (One of two play`s Racine was asked to write for Madame de Maintenon, Louis XIV`s consort) tells the story of an idol-worshipping queen who has a prophetic dream of her own death after coming to power by murdering the royal family.

1691 married Catherine de Romanet

04/21/1699 On April 21, 1699, Racine died from cancer of the liver.




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